Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Few "Before" and "After" Photos

Here are a few before and afters.  The biggest changes we made on our family room/kitchen remodel were to take out carpet and tile and replace with Brazilian Cherry hardwood (that we left to the professionals).  I apologize for the poor quality photos, they were taken with our video camera because we didn't have our camera during walk through.  When we moved in, it just became chaotic and I never took any more "before" photos. 

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After
We painted, added an additional cabinet to the center island, and topped it off with a cherry butcher block top which I took to our local planing shop to route decorative edges.

Family Room - Before

Family Room - After
Wood Floors, Paint, Crown Moulding, Fireplace surround and hearth, removed Entertainment Center (see below for it's own remodel)

Entertainment Center Re-do into a Wine/Liquor cabinet (I know...that's a lot of liquor..what can I say?)  Center section was removed and in it's place we added a wine glass rack, lights, and space for wine refrigerator.  The top portions of each side cabinet was cut down so that they are now recessed from the base cabinets.  We stained it just a little bit darker and we now love it!  Personally I would LOVE to paint this unit black and might just do so in time, but that is going to be a hard sell for the husband.

Soon I'll be posting my next project which is to add/organize my desk area in the kitchen with an upholstered memo/cork board.  Sounds easy right?'s always those projects that you think are going to be simple that turn out to be difficult.  We'll see......


  1. Kelly,
    I love your Diy projects, as well as your before and after pictures! So much so that I featured you in my weekly post "A Fabulous Feature". Great job on the kitchen, it's gorgeous!

  2. Wow!! What a great job on the re-do's!! Love this blog!