Monday, January 25, 2010

What to make of this?

I found this the other day at a thrift shop.  I know that it's a lamp, or at least it's supposed to be if it actually had all of it's pieces, but it seems to have been stripped naked the poor thing.  It's very heavy, solid wood I am guessing.  I was drawn to it's cool shape and vintage keyhole.  Just reminded me of an old piece of furniture.  It has absolutely no markings on it.  I have no idea if it will look good when and if I put it all back together and put a shade on it but for $1.00 I had to give it a try.  I have even considered trying to take the base and the top screw portion off and using just the "urn-like" portion as a decorative piece...maybe do an antique finish on it in black or ivory.

What would you do with it?  Paint it?  Keep it in it's current condition?  Toss it to the curb? It does have a good crack down the length of it, but nothing is loose or anything and it really isn't super noticeable.

Right now it's actually on top of my kitchen cabinets and it looks like an urn up there from far away.

I want to hear your thoughts!


  1. IS it an Urn?! What's with the keyhole? Does it open? The shape is neat, maybe paint it a cream and distress? It has a good shape. That would be creepy if it were an urn!

  2. Ooops...sorry, I just read your post said it was lamp!

  3. I love this piece- what a find! Honestly, I'd either do as Candace said and distress it or I'd turn it back into a lamp. It has a great shape and the key hole has so much character. You can get lamp kits at Lowes or Home Depot for like $10. I just bought one to turn a bird cage into a lamp. Here is a pretty, slate blue lamp I found with a similar shape:

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. I like your idea of taking the lamp parts off and using it as decorative piece. Would the top come off after the lamp parts are removed? Good find no matter what you end up doing with it.

  5. Please dont its a antique tea caddy dont do anything if you dont want it sell it please save our antiques they are green and lovely if you want to sell it to me email
    kindest regards