Friday, January 15, 2010

Mantel Party

Because I love a good party, I'm linking up to The Mantel Party over at Stories of A to Z


Now...understand that my Mantel is in a "transition" phase right now so I'll explain what is going on here...

I keep adding to it without really getting anywhere yet.  I found the mercury vases at Pottery Barn on sale and then ordered some boxwood balls with intentions of making a topiary, however I think that the balls are a little too large so I am waiting for the smaller ones that I ordered to arrive. In the meantime they just rest on the vases.  I decided to keep them in hopes of finding another home for them because I just adore boxwood anything!  I am also getting a little bored with our mirror and am always on the lookout for something a little lighter in color and maybe a different shape to take us through spring and summer. Since this little party happens every week I figure I can share it's evolution.


  1. I too love boxwood anything and those balls in the mercury glass are divine! I'm so glad you chose to link up. (BTW-if you're tired of your mirror I'll gladly take it off your hands. It's fabulous!)

  2. Your mantel looks great! I really like the mercury glass pots and soon to be topiary balls.
    We were passed along a little award and since we enjoy your blog so much, we thought we would pass it along to you! obligation to accept, we just wanted to let you know we enjoy your creativity!

  3. Love your simple elegance! Great mantle! (I stopped in from Beth's)

  4. Hi Kelly, your mantel is great. I adore Spring and this surely speaks to me.

    Barb ♥

  5. I really like the birds on your mantle and look forward to seeing our topiaries! Miki

  6. I love the topiaries and the birds. Simply beautiful and very refreshing!


  7. Your mantel looks pretty as is...but it will be fabulous "as it evolves". I love topiaries and hope to find some myself. Great job...and oh, I love that mirror!!


  8. I love it - simple but with some pizzazz from the turqoise vase. Can't wait to see more!


  9. Love your topiary balls. I think they are the perfect scale!! I would love to "mirror sit" for you anytime.

  10. I just found you through Beths blog and I already love what I see. I look forward to seeing alot more of your ideas:)
    Have a wonderful day,