Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little White Vase Makeover

I know it's still winter and all, but I just cannot get into anymore winter decorating so along with my Christmas decorations went the winter things too!  Spring is slowly blooming in this house.  I had a little fun with a pretty paint color (Krylon - blue ocean breeze) and a plain white vase.  I looove orange flowers too and I'm really liking these two colors together.  I don't know yet though if it'll go behind my sink beside the wire cage or up on the mantel.  Neither is really 100% decorated right now just sort of thrown together so I'm sure I'll be changing it 6457   a few times before spring even hits.  Not even sure if it's a good idea to spray paint in 20 degree weather, but I did it and it worked out fine but definitely wouldn't recommend for any large pieces.


AFTER (behind my kitchen sink):

AFTER (on my mantel):

Hopefully whereever they end up they'll bring cheer, I think they're just so happy looking.

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  1. I love the color too!
    (I'm also done with winter! I live in s. Indiana, so spring is still a long time off though!)

  2. What a pretty color..counting down to spring (~~) Julie

  3. Very pretty. I like it with the orange poppies! Very spring!

  4. Love the color with the orange flowers! I would say in the window. It catches a lot of light. Great transformation!

  5. I love the new color on the vase. You're right, the orange flowers go really well with that color of blue. Nice job!

  6. I just made over a bird cage with that same color on my post, great minds think alike. You did a great job picking the color!!!!
    Cha Cha

  7. Ooh la la!! I love it....great color. I have had a thing for that color recently. I am starting to lean that way for more of my decorating!
    Bethany @ Happy By Design

  8. Very pretty - I love the light blue with the bright orange!

  9. LOVE that color!! Spray paint is so, so wonderful, isn't it?? A budget home decorator's BFF in my opinion!!