Saturday, November 27, 2010

Basement Remodel Update #2 - Framing and Drywall

We're moving along nicely but the downside is that my house is constantly covered with an inch of dust and the plastering has not begun.  The framing is complete and all of the drywall is up.  Next up is the plaster finish over the drywall which should happen tomorrow.  I'm learning very quickly that these tradesmen are not very reliable.  They pretty much show up whenever they feel like it.  Here are some pictures of the progress.

Stairway before it was opened up at the bottom

Stairway after it was opened up

 Finished area with closet before walls were taken out and opened up

After the walls were taken down
After (bathroom with storage closet on left)

Finished area before wall on left was opened up

After wall was opened up

Future wet bar area

 Water heaters were removed
 A different view of future wet bar area

Wet bar area after wall was removed to the finished area
 Bathroom before

Bathroom after (On outside wall there is a storage closet above and access to ejector pit sump below)

 Old Tool area

New play area(this area will have a drop ceiling because of all of the plumbing access)

Alcove for TV area
Alcove after (notice the big furnace is gone!) 

 Storage area before

Storage area closed in

 Inside bathroom (45 inch vanity planned against back wall...toilet to the left)

Here is a picture of the vanity that we've purchased for the bathroom
and here is a picture of the cabinet style and color we purchased for the wetbar.

Hope you enjoyed, I'm off to look at paint colors and select flooring this week.



  1. Can't wait to see the finished project! It is going to be wonderful! Wish we had basements in Texas! :)


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