Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DIY Boxwood Topiary

After sitting on my mantel like this for a month or so...

I have finally made the boxwood balls into what I originally set out to do which are a pair of topiaries.  I wanted to be able to move the trees into different containers as seasons changed or even be able to set them on a pot just like the "before" photo when the mood struck.  In order to do this I needed to cement them into a portable container.  I decided a solo drinking cup and plaster of paris would do the job.  I mixed the plaster of paris according to the directions on the box and added it to the cups.  I then stuck the dowel into the plaster and held it with scotch tape.  The same scotch tape grid I used for making my Paperwhite arrangement.

Once the plaster was hardened, I stained the dowel a darker color.  The Boxwood ball itself was hollow so I needed a way to get it to stay on the dowel.  Luckily the ball was actually two halves with little snaps every so often to hold it together so I was able to unsnap it, add a styrofoam ball inside, and resnap it back together.  Now I was able to insert the dowel through the boxwood and into the styrofoam ball to secure it to the dowel.  Once secured I placed the tree into it's container.

I tucked a little bit of paper towel around the cup to make sure it didn't wobble.  I topped with moss to cover the cup and paper towels and added a little bit of linen ribbon to dress it up.  The mercury glass containers are adorable, I love them and snagged them for cheap at a Pottery Barn sale.

I am looking forward to different seasons where I can change them up a little bit with a different ribbon or container (especially Christmas).

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  1. Oh wow! They turned out great! love them!

  2. very nice...I love them both ways to be honest if you get sick of one or the other

  3. Looking's always fun to change things up! Thanks for coming by for a visit and I hope that you will return soon:)


  4. I love it! Very PB chic! You did a beautiful job and gave us a wonderful tutorial!


  5. You're so smart! I love the transformation.

  6. These look so good. I made two topairies last week, and I'm going to so them next week. Have a great weekend...

    Thanks for joining "Get Your Craft on Thurs." I hope to see you next week...


  7. Believe it or not, I just heard about boxwood a month or 2 ago. Great stuff. You did a great job. :)

  8. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for stopping by Three Dogs At Home. Thanks so much for your kind words about my changes to my house. I can't wait to explore your blog.

  9. Such a great idea. I love things that you can change around when the seasons change. Thanks for showing us how to do it.

    Thanks so much for linking this up to Make it Yours day! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your clever ideas!

    Where did you get the snap together topiary balls?

  10. I love your mantel and those topiaries are so pretty! I gave you an award on my blog:

  11. hi just stopping by... love your blog!! looking forward to coming back soon.